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Cappy in Obedience Class

Julie and Bill sent us a great video of their boy, Cappy, during a recent training session.

Cappy is in the intermediate Obedience Class. At this class he also got his first experience maneuvering around obstacles by having to weave through some cones that were set up in the middle of the floor.

Cappy is about 9 months old at this time and doing extremely well. You will see he is happy, eager to learn and stays completely focused on his owner. You will also notice there is plenty of distraction from other people and dogs in the room.

This is what we expect from Goldens, right? They make it look so easy... Good job Cappy & Julie.

Thank you Bill & Julie for sharing.

BTW: For our new website visitors, Cappy and our Gatsby are from the same litter.

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