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Sydnet sliding while chasing a ball


Candy became an American Champion winning a four point major at the Golden Retriever Specialty in Carmel CA.  She had already earned her Canadian Championship in just three weeks.​ Lots of nicknames:  CC, CC-Girl,  C-sirs, and others

Madison was trained for field work and conformation.  Unlike the others, she didn't like either.  She enjoyed going into the water to retrieve ducks.  But she hated to get out of the water.  So when she came back and got the command to drop the bird; she crushed it first in protest for being called out of the water. 


She also showed beautifully outside the ring.  Did nothin' in the ring!  ​She was a very good mom.  And after a couple of litters she spent her days doing what she loved best - living with our daughter and son-in-law as their faithful family pet.     ​Citrine's Money Talks - Madison (AKA Maddy & Maddog)

Morgan is a Kirby Granddaughter.   She showed, was pointed and was one of our favorites.  Her talents were more suited to Obedience. This girl had lots of bone, good conformation and a determined attitude.                               

​Mack's favorite thing was FOOD! Any kind of food. Her most popular Nickname is Aligator because of the way she would take food out of your hand. Other nicknames for her were Mack, and Mackie.


When she did something real cute it was "Oh... Mack-er-doodles".  Mack was very high energy and athletic. Able to run, swim and play all day.

Chanel is a compact, high-energy girl that loves to play all day.  She ran circles around the boys that tried to catch her.  Really likes chasing tennis balls, deep water and wrestling with the other dogs.

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She is the "Pistol".  Her big thing is chasing Cooper and wrestling with any dog, man, woman or child.  She loves tennis balls and chasing varmints.  She is extremely fast and more than capable of catching the rabbits, squirrels and wild turkeys that roam our property.

Montair's "Emerson"

Emerson's information and pics will be coming soon!!!  (Posted 7/11/2020)

Hanna is from a breeding of Oscar & Sydney.  She has good looks and a muscular build.  She gets high-energy, physical strength and great temperament from both her mom & dad.  


A real "head turner" anytime she's out with us at restaurants that cater to dogs at outside tables or dog-friendly places like our local Home Depot.

Sophie is Hannah's sister.   She looks very much like Hannah but a bit more feminine (just because they are litter mates does not mean they all look alike). 


Enjoys running - usually in a straight line to the chicken coop to look for a bird to chase or under the apple tree for a quick snack...

What's not to love about Camryn?  She was adorable as a puppy and curious.  Has great temperament and intelligence.  Very smart; housebroken at nine (9) weeks old.

Yes, we know Dylan is usually a boy's name.  It can also be a girl's name and very fitting for a "Tomboy".  Well the name proved perfect for this pup!

Pictured here at 4.5 months old...

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