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Citrine's Money Talks  "Madison"


Sire:   AM  CAN  MEX   CH. Casadeloro's Classic Bentley

Dam:  Citrine's EZ'r Than It Looks   "Penny"

Whelped:    July 17, 1997


Madison was a Bentley daughter from Citrine's EZ'r Than It Looks ("Penny")


Interesting Facts:

  • Field trained - loved the water & retrieving the ducks (not the release part)

  • An inquisitive girl who's curiosity usually got her in trouble

    • and put in the Dog House (for real)

  • Most commonly used nicknames were "Maddy" or "Mad Dog"

  • Great Mom !  Had a couple of fabulous litters in her day


Madison was trained for field work and conformation.  Unlike the others, she didn't like either.  She did enjoy going into the water to retrieve ducks.  But she hated to get out of the water.  So when she came back to the trainer she would hold the duck perfectly (soft mouth) until she got the command to drop the bird;  then she would crush it to protest being called out of the water.


She also showed beautifully when she was outside the ring.  Did nothin' in the ring!    She didn't like the spotlight and let everyone know it, including the judges.

She was a very good mom.  After two litters she spent the rest of  her days doing what she loved best - living with our daughter and son-in-law as their faithful family pet.

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