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About Us

About us - Oscar as a puppy

Montair Golden Retrievers was founded in 1994 in Danville, CA by Janice & Bob Hess.  This is when we decided to participate in competitive canine events. 


Prior to this we attended AKC dog shows and studied with the best Golden Retriever Breeders, Handlers and Groomers of that time.  We carefully researched pedigrees to set the foundation for Montair Goldens.  Then we made the commitment to show and breed Golden Retrievers which had been members of our family and our personal breed of choice since 1970.

Our mission as a responsible dog breeder is to improve our breed with every litter, produce quality Golden Retrievers and to place our puppies with owners that will provide them loving and permanent homes.  Additionally, we endeavor to provide meaningful information and helpful tips about responsible pet ownership and proper care to educate our puppy buyers and the general public.

Our vision of a Golden is a moderate sized, well moving dog that exudes a warm personality and high intelligence. These traits are essential ingredients of a successful retriever.  Montair Golden Retrievers offers puppies to individuals looking for that special pet as well as puppies destined for show.


Brief History


We have a deep connection to the San Francisco Bay Area and Contra Costa County which is where we lived, raised our family and got into the sport of dogs.  Montair Goldens became well known as a quality Golden Breeder and we are recognized by the AKC as a Breeder of Merit.


We became empty nesters and left the SF Bay Area for the Sierra Foothills.  The area  offered homes (above the fog and below the heavy snow), acreage with ponds and other amenities suited to our changing lifestyle and growing family of dogs and miniature horses.

Many people reach out to us from across the country looking for quality Golden Retriever Puppies;  However, most of our clients are located in Northern California.  Having been in operation for nearly 25 years, many of our clients today are repeat puppy buyers.



Special thanks to our loyal SF Bay Area friends for your continued patronage.


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