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Montair's No Fleas in My Fur   "Sophie"


​​Sire:   CH Montair's Black Tie Affair   "Oscar"

Dam:  Montair's Lollapawlooza  "Sydney"

Whelped:    May 18, 2007


​​Sophie is Hannah's sister.   She has a differnet look than Hannah being a  bit more feminine.


Sophie is extremely curious and has a more wandering nature around the yard but never leaves the property.


She loves to hunt and grub for weird things while taking those strolls all over the property.  Of course she brings all that stuff back to the house.   What do you expect, she's a retriever!  That's her job...


Like our other dogs she enjoys anything that has to do with water and running - usually in a straight line to the chicken coop to look for a bird to chase or under a fruit tree for a quick snack.



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