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Some of our Golden Retriever Boys in the snow


He was sired by one of the most famous Goldens, "Kirby".  Bentley earned Championship status in the USA, Canada and Mexico plus two other titles at International shows.  He was inducted into the Golden Retriever Show Dog Hall of Fame (SDHF) by the time he was two years old. 


He earned his Obedience Title (CD) in three consecutive shows.  He sired numerous litters and was recognized as an Outstanding Sire (OS) in 2006.  Nicknames "B", B-Boy, Beaner. 

Derby, sired by Bentley, is another Champion.  He's a large male with the sweetest personality of any of our dogs.  He possessed the classic Golden Retriever disposition. His favorite things are water and soft stuffed toys! 


He always greets our guests at the door with at least three soft plushy toys stuffed in his mouth at the same time.  He is big on swimming and loves everything and everybody, including other dogs, kids, cats, our chickens - all of it!  

Large, powerful male.  Proven stud.  Champion 2005.  Best of Breed at the prestigious Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show at the Cow palace in San Francisco, 2007.  

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Great conformation, dark dense coat, proven stud, born to please.

Barron is an explorer.  Given the chance he will make sure the property is free of rodents, deer and horseback riders that pass by from time to time.

Brodie is one of our youngest boys.  He's really into being around people and the family life.  If you feel like taking a break and  watching TV, he's happy to curl up at your side.

Gatsby was added to the family 6/26/2013.  He's from a litter of 11 pups by Sire: Lambert and Dam: Canryn.  Pictured here at 12 weeks old.

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Clooney will be added to the website soon.  He's two years old.

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