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Rush Hill's Nunna Yer Beeswax     "Mackenzie"

Sire:   BIS, BISS Golden Pines Osprey Cuervo Gold   "Gold"

Dam:   CH. Rush Hill's Crime of Passion  "Felony"

Whelped:   April 9, 2003


Mackenzie was our wild child.  Very athletic.  One of her favorite things was leaping into the pond for a cool dunk and chasing away the ducks.


Interesting little fact:    The litter naming theme for Mackenzie was the "Bee".

The origin of the phrase "None of Your Beeswax" was originally a line spoken by the character Nanette in the musical "No, No, Nanette" (Youmans, Harbuch, Mandel, 1925). 


This catchphrase enjoyed a brief vogue in the later 1920's.  It was also sighted as children's slang in a couple of later references mentioned by Partridge.

There are no surprises as to its origin:  Beeswax is simply an obvious pun on the word Business.  More simply stated,  None of your beeswax means None of your business.


So, when you are asked a question you don't want to answer, just say  It's Nnna Yer Beeswax !  and thank Mack.

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