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All of our puppies are the result of careful planning and thorough pedigree research.  Before there is a breeding we validate that the parents have all of the required health clearances and proper temperament. 

As soon as there has been a breeding, Mom gets a special diet and lots of pampering along with frequent checkups at the vet. 

After the pups are born (whelped) they will spend eight (8) weeks with us.  When all things happen the way they should, Mom does most of the work (feeding, cleaning, nurturing) during the first few weeks;  but, it's still a cooperative effort between mom and breeder to make sure the pups thrive and get the proper nutrition and stimulation for overall social development.

Daily, we carefully weigh each puppy and monitor their overall growth, track their physical progress and observe their behavior and personalities.

Around seven (7) or eight (8) weeks of age each puppy is evaluated (usually by a committee of fellow breeders and / or professional handlers).  The group's critique provides valuable insight and useful information

about Show Puppies and for planning future litters. 


The pups also get their last physical from our vet

during week 7 to make sure they are ready to

leave our care. 

At eight (8) to nine (9) weeks of age

they are ready to go to their new permanent homes. 

We will provide you with a "Puppy Package" that


  • photos, pedigrees and health clearances
    of the parents

  • puppy shot record

  • one of the pup's favorite toys

  • instructions about proper care and feeding

  • photos

  • and we assist you with your AKC registration.

Animal Medical Center

Auburn, CA

About Reputable Breeders, provided by the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA)

We don't stop there!  For the pup's entire life we are available to answer your  questions or provide information and advice about raising a Golden. 

We do not operate a commercial boarding facility (kennel) but we will board or groom your Montair Golden (and his / her buddy).  Some of the advantages are:

  • Your Golden will get plenty of attention, exercise and social interaction

  • Your Golden will not spend all day in a cage or small pen

  • We really do know your Golden better than anyone else, excluding yourself

  • Show quality grooming is available

  • Boarding is available for MGR puppies (commercial kennels do not accept pups)

  • Our fees are significantly less than a commercial-kennel or vet office

  • Excellent veterinary care is available if needed - 10 minutes away from us. 

Raising and training a puppy Golden can be very time consuming and lots of work.  If you would prefer to avoid the "puppy stages" and adopt a more grown-up Golden, please be sure to contact local Golden Retriever Clubs and Rescue Organizations or other AKC breeders that, from time to time, have more mature Goldens available. 


Some local rescues you might try are Homeward Bound Rescue and NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue.   You can find them on our RESOURCES (links) page.

Montair Goldens is an AKC BREEDER OF MERIT

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