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Puppy Videos

Montair's Puppy Videos

June 2018

June 24, 2018 - First time playing in the backyard

June 24, 2018 - first time playing with the big dogs

Did you notice the wading pool in the background?

Swimming lesson video coming soon...

The following videos are from prior litters

Puppies need both mental and physical stimulation.

At just 3 weeks old, baby toys and a clean play environment helps these pups develop their great Golden terperament.​

The first 8 weeks of life for a Montair Golden Retriever.  (Long: about 20 minutes)

Golden Puppies:

From just a few hours old until they're ready to go with you to their new home...

This is a great video for kids five (5) years of age and over.  It's the cute stuff.  None of the mess, work or actual whelping.  We created this video in 2003 and it is still relavant today.  Someday (when we have nothing else to do) we'll edit this video with the latest video tools & technology to make it run at a faster pace with a shorter run time while keeping it entertaining. 


Until then, we'll leave it up to you to use the controls and skip through it...   

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