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Dilly Dilly - 3 Years Old

Montair's Cookie Caper Prime Suspect   "Dylan"


Sire:      CH.  Osprey's Glamor Boy                "Lambert"

Dam:    Monrair's Bibbity Boppity Boo    "Camryn"

Whelped:   March 4, 2014


Yes, we know Dylan is usually a boy's name.  It can also be a girl's name and very fitting for a "Tomboy".  Well the name proved perfect for this pup!


At 4.5 months old she's running the pack.  Rough & tumble play is her favorite.  She'll wrestle the biggest males until they give up.  One of the dogs she likes to attack is her older brother, Gatsby.  


Dylan is from the a repeat breeding of Lambert & Camryn.  The first breeding in 2013 produced Gatsby plus ten (10) other beautiful pups with great temperaments.  We were so pleased with this litter we just had to repeat it.  


Dylan's nick name is Dillweed.  "Dillweed" is a term first used by Beavis and Butt-head to describe irrational/dumb behavior with a consequence.  Not exactly sure when Dylan earned this nickname.  Update on nicknames..  Add "Dilly Dilly" to the list for 2018.  Yes, thank you Budwiser commercials.


It just happened one day when she was doing something crazy or weird like:

  • seeing her reflection in the sliding glass door for the first time (thinking it was another puppy);

  • chasing her first squirrel (getting a piece of its' tail);

  • putting her head under water and blowing bubbles in her wading pool;

  • Or, being chased by the big dogs after she stole their toy.


When we say "Dillweed" we say it with great love and appreciation.  After all, all puppies are dillweeds...  That why you watch them closely, like children!

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