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Our Goldens

Our Goldens

The Pack at Play! Tennis ball in the ditch...

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Team Montair & Our Boys did very well at the NORCAL Golden Retriever Specialty.


The three Handlers from left to right: Elizabeth Jordan and Bentley, Best of Breed Winner (10 yrs old) from the Veteran's Class Karli Knight and Derby, Judge Award of Merit Laurie Jordan-Fenner and Oscar, Winners Dog from the Open Class and a 4 point Major​th your company.

We're equally proud of our girls.  They have earned  Championships, had field training, served as theraphy dogs and competed in many AKC Dog Shows.

Sydney is pictured here as she's a great representative of  our girls.  All have great conformation and lots of personality or "attitude" which is ideal for show.

There is one huge "downside" to being a dog lover.   And every dog lover knows what that is.  A dog's lifespan is too short!

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We are extremely fortunate to have had many great dogs in our immediate family and our extended family of puppy buyers.

We appreciate the time each and every dog is able to spend with us.  But, no matter how long they decide to stay with us, it is never long enough.

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