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Montair's Lollapawlooza  "Sydney"


Sire:   CH. Rush Hills Foolish Pleasure "Bryce"

Dam:  Citrine's Money Talks "Madison"

Whelped:     June 22, 2004


If her parents names and Pedigree seem familiar to you, it's because Sydney is Cooper's sister (litter mates) and they have been inseperable since day one.


Sydney, also called "Syd" for short, is the hunter for the pack.  She will stalk, kill and bring a variety of meals to share with the others.  When she had puppies; bringing quail and rabbits to the litter was her favorite pastime. 


Yes, she is that fast!  Syd and Cooper once chased down and captured a sqjuirrel that was moving away as fast as it could plus it haad a 20-yard head start.


She may have some prehistoric instincts but she is very sweet with people (especially kids) and all other animals that don't look like a meal.



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