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How a Dog Show Works...

February means Valentines and the Westminster Kennel Club Show. 2014 will be Wesminster's 138th Annual Dog Show.

If you are new to dog shows we have some links for you that will explain HOW A DOG SHOW WORKS:

The Westminster Kennel Club is a great resource. Go to their website and check out Dog Show 101. This will give you the basics about Dog Shows.

Also be sure to visit WKC 101 (Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Showing At America's Dog Show But Didn't Know Whom To Ask) if you are planning to attend in person.

Another thing that is very helpful, is to know some of the terms used at dog shows. The AKC has compiled a list of terms (Dog Fancier Speak). It's a big list. Don't try to remember it, Just refer to it as needed to look up terms you may not be familiar with. Here's the AKC Glossary of Terms.

The AKC also offers a Beginners Guide to Dog Shows on their website. Great for people just getting interested or started in the Sport of Showing Dogs.

Here's the rundown on this year's Westminster show:


  • Monday to include hound, toy, non-sporting and herding groups

  • Tuesday to include sporting, working and terrier groups

Only the Group competition is televised. There is live streaming of the breed judging available on and on the official 2014 Westminster Show Mobile App. More Dog Show details are available at this Westminster Link.

Great to visit in person if you are in NYC! Plenty of excitement and celebrities in the audience too.

We ended up in a "bit" on the Dave Letterman Show one year. It was cold in NYC (like this year). Our group was bundled up in furs to keep warm, and Dave poked fun asking "Are you guys wearing last year's Best in Show?" while he did his Top 10 List.

Monday night is LIVE ON CNBC from 8-11 PM EST (5PM PST)

Tuesday night is LIVE ON USA Channel from 8-11 PM EST (5PM PST) Venue: Madison Square Garden, West 33rd Street & 7th Avenue, NYC

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