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Goldens in the Pool

For Goldens it's always 1/2 full and never 1/2 empty...

The original footage contained a great deal of background noise. The dogs were barking and splashing in play. Our Parrot was screaming into the Video, the stereo was going and gardeners contributed other commotion.

The dogs were not supposed to be in the pool either. It had just been cleaned; and, Joe ("unhappy pool guy") was in the process of refilling it.

The chaos of the moment has been replaced with a tranquil tune. So, slide your deck chair under the shade, sit back, relax, pour yourself a cool drink and enjoy watching the "Kids" play in the pool for the next 4 minutes...

Montair dogs have excellent conformation, which is why we are willing to let you see them soaking wet!

FYI, Much can be hidden in the Show Ring, under a heavy coat. This is what the judge is endeavoring to figure out when they "Go Over" a dog with their hands at the show.

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