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Oscar Training for the show. Jog-A-Dog

Goldens need lots of exercise. So what do you do when the weather or other things beyond your control won't let you take your dog outside.

Well, believe it or not our dogs love the treadmill! It's better than running or biking your Golden in the rain or snow. And it's perfect when you need to keep your show dog in top condition.

We have had three dogs (all at the same time) trying to jump on this tradmill. They think it's a toy. Of course, we didn't allow that. It's still a machine, and like kids, a dog will find a way to get hurt on a machine if they are not supervised closely.

Start slowly until they get used to it. Do use a lead. Never run it too long or too fast. Do run it just enough each day to build or maintain their muscle tone and stamina. Always be in the room when your dog is on a tredmill. Unplug it when its not in use and make sure the cord is where they can't chew on it.

Good conditioning is a must for all dogs and mandatory if your Golden is destined for field work, agility or the show ring.

Good breeding, diet and exercise will produce results --- you may notice the ribbons on the wall behind Oscar and his Jog-A-Dog...

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